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The eight musicians of Elements of Floyd spare no effort to do justice to the sound cosmos of their idols. We take the audience on a musical and visual journey that is completely committed to the great oeuvre of Pink Floyd says guitarist Alexander MARZAHN. The audience can look forward to bombastic sounds, cutting rhythms, fragile vocal passages and spherical clouds of sound. True-to-the-original sound effects and video projections (a circular screen in the style of the "Pulse" tour) ensure the perfect PINK FLOYD feeling.


ELEMENTS OF FLOYD saw the light of day as an ad hoc project in 2018, with the stage debut taking place as early as February 2019 with two sold-out concerts. We jumped into the deep end and learned to swim very quickly Alexander recalls. The potential of this band was enormous from the very first moment. With every change since then, the band has gained in quality and format. Today it presents itself as a well-rehearsed collective with an excellent line-up in all positions.


In order to bridge the forced break at Corona, ELEMENTS OF FLOYD played several gigs with an unplugged set in front of a small audience, and at the same time invested in technical equipment. Because ELEMENTS OF FLOYD is actually not an act for the basement stage: with their elaborate setting, the band has everything it takes to bring PINK FLOYD to life on larger concert stages. Even the school choir for Another Brick in the Wall  is part of the show at larger performances.


Musically, the focus is on the classic and later albums such as The Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall, Wish you were here, A Momentary Lapse of Reason and The Division Bell, although friends of the early work also get their money's worth at times. But we live in a different time today, and only die-hard fans are happy about the experimental escapades that distinguished PINK FLOYD, especially live. We play PINK FLOYD for the majority and take the freedom to slightly adapt or shorten pieces. The repertoire is constantly being worked on - it currently comprises around 35 songs. This allows the band to set different priorities depending on the venue and the audience.

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